Rich ship maintenance experience, strict control details

After-sales service

Wheelperson provides customers with the most comprehensive and professional after-sales service, whether it is remote technical assistance or quick supply of spare parts.

Commissioning and training

We will support you and ensure that you get the maximum return from your investment. This support begins during the testing phase and continues during debugging and training. Wheelperson equipment is installed at your site by our experienced technicians and engineers.

Provide extensive training and complete documentation for your team on site. Everyone on your team can easily use our complex and simple equipment.

Customer service desk

Our maintenance services from repairing individual products to managing your entire process. We offer on-site and Wheelperson based repairs. Regular visits, technical support and technical training are standard services.

Hotline and Email Help: We provide help through dedicated phone lines or email and by after-sale engineers who speak English and French. The turnaround time is a matter of minutes. Our latest systems can diagnose remotely and often make repairs.

Quick on-site assistance: When required, service engineers from our headquarters or overseas partners can provide comprehensive on-site mechanical, electrical and software assistance.

Spare parts and accessories

Components and spare parts: Most of the standard electrical and mechanical components for the equipment you requested are in stock for quick service.

Fast delivery: Stock spare parts are usually shipped within 48 hours of ordering. Spare parts not in stock will be provided as soon as possible.

Rich ship maintenance experience, strict control details

Contact Information

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